The 10-Foot Putting Points Challenge

The latest golf putting tips video in our new series. 

Andy Roberts's picture
Fri, 24 Aug 2018

Want to start holing more putts from inside 10 feet? This indoor putting challenge courtesy of our resident PGA pro Adam Glass will help you do just that.

Set up a golf ball within 10 foot of the cup. The idea is to get to 10 points in order to complete the challenge...

The points system works as follows:

You get 2 points for every successful holed 10 foot putt. 
You get -1 point for missing the putt long and holing the return.
You get -2 points for leaving the putt short and holing the next putt. 
You fail the game if you reach -5 points, and you start again.
When you get to 10 points, you can be safe in the knowledge your putting stroke is on fire before you head to the course for real. 

Watch the video below to learn more...