Golf Practice Drills: hit driver off the deck

This drill really helps the golfers who have a struggle with falling off the driver. 

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Wed, 22 Aug 2018
Golf Practice Drills: hit driver off the deck

One of the biggest problems for an amateur off the tee is falling back on the shot, causing high fades or a generally poor connection. PGA coach Simon Garner gives us a great drill for curing that issue.


Set up how you would on a driver but with the ball resting on the ground rather than a tee. The normal set up would be for the ball to be just inside your left heel and your hands square or slightly behind the ball as seen in the first image.

In the second image Simon is showing us how to hit the ball correctly at impact with his weight moving towards his left side, hands forward of the ball, and left shoulder still ahead of the ball.

The image labelled with a cross shows Simon playing the shot whilst falling back which is the common error players make when hitting the ball off the tee.

Hitting the driver off the ground requires a lot of forward momentum and hitting down on the ball to compress it to get it flying through the air.

Don't worry if you're not hitting a clean shot all the time in practice, just get used to this type of swing.

After you've had a good go at hitting it off the ground, move the ball on to a tee and see if it's improved the consistency of your ball striking.

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