Tight Lies Hybrid

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 22 Oct 2014
Tight Lies Hybrid
Scary good

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New Ghost Slot Technology less visible on crown; upside-down head shape and low profile aids larger hitting area; low CG and high launch; very forgiving hybrid; perfect for the game improvement player; solid distance; Stable Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shaft as standard; good value for money
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PRICE: £129.00 YEAR: from 2014

HALLOWEEN is just days away so what better time to test out a new product featuring Ghost Slot Technology joining the Adams Family.

The brand new Adams Golf Tight Lies Hybrid designed with patented Ghost Slot Technology marks the company's fifth generation of its award-winning Slot Technology.

WATCH: Adams Tight Lies video review

Adams Golf has dominated the hybrids market for a while now and sits proudly as the #1 hybrid on the PGA Tour. Yet while Tour players and better players have profited from Adams hybrids such as the Pro and Pro Mini, both of which topped our 10 of the Best Hybrids Test earlier this year, it's fair to say there hasn't yet been a hybrid that caters for players of all abilities, particularly the game improvement player.

Step forward the Tight Lies Hybrid.

In contrast to previous models designed with both sole slot and crown slot for maximum performance, Ghost Slot Technology has been called in to mask the crown slot to create a clean look at address.

The finished product is now a design that will appeal to players of all abilities without sacrificing the performance that golfers come to expect from the most sought-after hybrid brand in golf.

One of the main criticisms of the previous Slot Technology seen in the most recent Adams hybrids was that it was a little too visible and 'in your face' at address. There are no such problems this time - hence the Ghost name.

Ghost Slot Technology, an improved and dubbed-down version of Adams' innovative Slot Technology, also features a refined 'barbell' cut-thru slot design that reduces stress on the face while creating even faster ball speeds and higher launch than previous slot iterations.

Also critical to the overall identity and success of the easy-to-hit Tight Lies is its signature upside-down head shape and tri-sole - hallmark features of the original Tight Lies fairway wood that are now being used on the first ever Tight Lies Hybrid.

The upside down shaping and low-profile design helps produce ideal hybrid characteristics of low CG and high launch.


Easy to see why the Adams Tight Lies Hybrid has already been heaped with praise at the recent Golf Europe Awards in Germany. 

Love the classic Tight Lies upside-down head shape and low profile that just oozes class down at address and everything just sets up for take off, particularly as you can see the clean scorelines of the face. Fresh black and blue looks also a positive, as well as no visible Slot Technology on the crown.

You can't miss the sweetspot with the classic upside-down Tight Lies shape and low profile design ensuring a large impact area low on the face. With a low CG on board, you get a terrific high launch - essential for owning the second shot.

The tri-sole design also reduces turf interaction to allow the head to sweep effortlessly through any lie out on the course.

In terms of feel, the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 65 shaft works superb and is particularly easy to control during the swing and down at impact. The sound is also very pure on centre strikes and you gain decent feedback on off-centre blows in the toe and heel.

Performance-wise, impossible to fault. Using a 19-degree hybrid in stiff shaft, I achived an ideal 205 yards carry on average and 227 yards distance with spin just over the 3000 RPM mark. Similar distance to the Adams Pro I tested in 20-degree earlier this year but even more forgiving with a tighter offline dispersion.

Scary good.

RRP £129 (17°, 19°, 22°, 25° and 28°)

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Golfmagic tested the new Adams Tight Lies Hybrid at Hersham Golf Club in Surrey

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