XR Hybrid

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Charlie Lemay
Wed, 29 Jul 2015
XR Hybrid
The Callaway XR hybrid is long and offers a load of forgiveness

Need To Know

Long, forgiving, great feel and sound
Feels light throughout the swing
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PRICE: £149.00 YEAR: from 2015

At address the Callaway XR hyrbid is appealing to look down on, with a simple, uncluttered crown design on show.

The arrow pointing to the target is a useful addition, and helps players square themselves up and align the club properly. Furthermore, we are fans of the matte finish as it negates glare on sunny days. 

The size of the head is generous, and it has a slight offset, which will suit those who often struggle to get their ball airborne. 

In the forgiveness and distance stakes, the XR excels.  

The brand's next generation Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup increases ball speeds right across the face, giving assistance on squiffy hits. The centre of gravity is 46% lower on this hybrid, meaning it's easy to get the ball up in the air even if you don't get one out of the middle.

You will also notice the club's profile is larger towards the toe end of the club, and this also ups the forgiveness of offer. 

Callaway has redesigned its Standing Wave within the head, moving weight low and forward to allow the face to flex for extra ball speeds. In conjunction with this, the brand is using variable face thickness which is meant to further increase ball speeds. Whether this is the reason we were getting the extra yardage or not, who knows, but it's on the longer side of the scale. 

The sound is delightful, and the feel is lively and energetic. However, the club feels light throughout the swing, and we felt we lost a bit of control because of this. 


Looks great sat behind the ball, and in the bag. The Callaway XR hybrid is long and offers a load of forgiveness. Appealing sound on offer, and lively feel.

Feels light throughout the swing, which may not be to everyone's taste.

Lofts: 19, 22, 25, 28
Shaft: Project X SD (graphite)
Adjustable: No

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