Andy Sullivan: Best bunker tips

Sullivan reveals his secrets in the sand

Andy Roberts's picture
Mon, 8 Feb 2016

Fresh off a tie for second in the Dubai Desert Classic, three-time European Tour champion Andy Sullivan has teamed up with Monarch Airlines to record a new video masterclass series.

In the video above, Andy reveals his best tips for when trapped in a greenside bunker and how to become much more consistent. 

Andy's key tips

Focus on your strike point

A lot of amateurs think that the entry point of the club is about two inches behind the ball. From there you’re never going to get a consistent shot. You’re going to get varies in flights and spin.

Practice with a line in the sand

Draw a simple line in the bunker and practice hitting that line. You don’t even need a ball. Keep going down your line, fitting in as many strikes as you can before you try for real. It’s all about getting that entry point just right.

Build consistency

The more consistent you get with this, the more consistent your ball is going be. By perfecting this strike, it’s more likely your ball will follow the same flight and spin each time. Then it will be easier for you to predict what’s going to happen the next time you find yourself in a bunker.

Line up with your left heel

Once you’ve finished practicing on your line, it’s time to try with the ball. Place the ball on your left heel for a bit more elevation, then concentrate on hitting your imaginary line behind the ball.