5 tips to get you out of the bunker

Don't waste shots in the sand - follow these simple tips

Charlie Lemay's picture
Sun, 9 Oct 2016

Most players dread going in the bunker - but they shouldn't!

It's the only shot in the game where you don't want to hit the ball first, and it's a unique test. 

We've all got stuck in bunkers in the past, but they shouldn't be something players fear. 

Using the wrong technique will leave you red faced in the sand - follow these tips and you'll be peppering the pins in no time.

Finish high

The most important thing to remember is to FINISH HIGH. This ensures your hands keep moving through the shot.

Players get obsessed with how far behind the ball they should be hitting (at this basic stage it should be around an inch behind). BUT following through is more important - thinking about the impact area too much will make you slow down at the bottom of the arc.

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