Ace your technique when attempting a PITCH shot with a wedge

YouTube star and PGA Professional Chris Ryan explains the correct technique when it comes to pitching your ball onto the green.

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Wed, 5 May 2021
Ace your technique when attempting a PITCH shot with a wedge

Short game is a difficult area of golf to master, but once you feel comfortable with a wedge in hand, you can play a range of different shots to help get your ball closer to the hole.

Different wedges provide different lofts and have different bounces. This means that choosing the right wedge for your shot is absolutely crucial.

Deciding which wedge to use will be based on different factors, such as your lie, what's in front of you and how far away the pin is.

YouTube star and PGA Professional Chris Ryan has teamed up with TaylorMade Golf for a three part series where he explains the different types of shots you can play with a wedge in hand and the correct technique that's required.

In the first video, which you can watch here, we learnt the correct technique for chipping with a wedge and now in part two, Chris explains how to successfully pull off a pitch shot.

A pitch shot is when we need to get the ball stopping quicker on the green, as there may be less green to work with between your ball and the flag, so we want to get the ball in the air more than we do when we are chipping.

Check out the video below where Chris helps you understand which wedge you should use when pitching and how your body plays a vital role in pulling off the shot.


In the video, Chris uses a 56 degree TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 wedge, used by some of the best players on the PGA Tour.

With the new MG2 wedges, engineers have utilised the combination of face and groove design to create the ultimate spin for ultimate performance. Raw Face design produces a more precise geometry designed to optimise spin and feel.

For more information on the TaylorMade MG2 wedge, click here.

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