Adam Scott reveals AWKWARD moment golf legend was told to "SIT DOWN" at Masters

"Mood killer": Adam Scott reveals a time when golf legend Bernhard Langer was told to sit down by Billy Payne at the annual Masters Champions Dinner. 

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Thu, 12 Jan 2023
Adam Scott reveals AWKWARD moment golf legend was told to "SIT DOWN" at Masters

You might be wondering why Adam Scott is talking about The Masters ahead of this week's Sony Open, and so are we in all honesty, but when the story is this good we quite frankly don't care! 

Scott, 42, was asked by one golf journalist in the media room to give some insight into what really goes down at the Masters Champions Dinner, something the Australian is annually invited to every April following his victory at Augusta National in 2013. 

Despite not recalling the exact year it happened, Scott admitted the celebratory dinner is not always a barrel of laughs.

One year, golf legend Bernhard Langer, who won The Masters in 1985 and 1993, was told to "sit down" by former Masters club chairman Billy Payne. 

Billy probably didn't phrase it exactly like this to Bernhard, but we can imagine some of the players in the room were probably thinking it...

We can narrow the year down slightly for Scott given Payne served in that position from 2006 through to 2017. 

And given Scott slipped on his Green Jacket in 2013, it means it was either in 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017. 

Scott referred to the moment as a "mood killer" in the room, as none of the former Masters champions knew where to look when Payne stepped in to sit Langer down. 

Here's what happened according to Scott: 

"Bernhard Langer getting sat down by [former club chairman] Billy Payne at one dinner was a memorable one for me. 
"Having a suggestion about something. Kind of was a mood killer one night. Good stuff.
"That was the gist of it. You can sit down."

Scott would not elaborate further on what Langer was lobbying for in front of his peers and top bosses at Augusta National Golf Club, but we sure hope one day to find out. 

There could certainly be a bit more awkwardness at this year's Masters Champions Dinner, especially with the likes of LIV Golf players Sergio Garcia, Patrick Reed, Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson joining the party. 

Defending champion Scottie Scheffler last week said he plans to stick Watson on a separate table

Bubba has already experienced an awkward moment at Augusta National.

Who remembers this classic moment when he won the first of his two Green Jackets in 2012?!

Langer was particularly vocal about the emergence of LIV Golf, so perhaps he will be told to sit down again this April. 

"How can this be good for the game?" Langer said back in June 2022. 

Earlier this week, Jordan Spieth, who is also in this week's Sony Open field, said he disagreed with Scott's radical new idea about what the PGA Tour should have done with its prize purses. 

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