Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to help you hit LONGER drives

Swinging hard and fast is the usual remedy for golfers who want to hit the ball further, but we have some tips for you that work much better...

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Tue, 13 Apr 2021
Best Golf Tips: 3 EASY tips to help you hit LONGER drives

Driving distance has been a hot topic on the PGA Tour in the last couple of years, as efforts have been made by various authorities to cut back on the technology that goes into making drivers.

Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy are two of the biggest hitters on the PGA Tour and it is no surprise when you see the velocity and power that they apply to the golf ball.

Although it isn't everything, the distance you achieve off the tee is very important and we have three simple tips to help you hit the ball further.

#1 - Maintain your balance

A lot of golfers believe that if they swing the club fast then they will hit the ball further. But swinging the club faster can cause you to lose balance, which can take the centre of the clubface away from the ball.

If you maintain your balance and keep your body still throughout your swing, you are more likely to strike the ball out of the centre and gain more distance off the tee.

#2 - A good setup

Before you hit your drive, you should have a wide stance in order to generate more power. As you begin your set-up, you can tilt your right shoulder slightly downwards too. 

This will help you to hit up on the ball as you make contact and the ball will launch at a better angle. If you can hit the ball higher, then you can increase the carry distance of your drives. 

#3 - A slow downswing

This next tip might sound bizarre as slowing down your swing would not usually be associated with increasing your driving distance. 

However, if you can marginally slow down your swing as you bring the club towards your hip, this will transfer a good amount of clubhead speed towards the ball.

This is a unique but simple tip to help you increase your clubhead speed. Achieving this will help to hit the ball out of the middle of the clubface and increase your distance off the tee.