Best Golf Tips : 3 Steps to the PERFECT Golf Grip | Monday Shank Ep.5

In this video, Harry and Liam from Tee Box are on the channel to talk you through how the golf grip, and how it can lead you to hitting straighter and longer golf shots.

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Mon, 22 Mar 2021
Best Golf Tips : 3 Steps to the PERFECT Golf Grip | Monday Shank Ep.5

We're now just one week away from the return of golf in England, with green keepers all over the country putting in the graft to have their courses looking prestine for the returning golfers, including you. When it comes to the golf swing, your grip is one of the most important factors, but it's also one that is often overlooked.

You could be making the smallest of mistakes when it comes to your grip that you're not even aware of, which is having a negative impact on your swing, but don't worry, our friends at Tee Box London are here to help.

In our latest Monday Shank video, PGA professionals and directors of Tee Box London, Harry and Liam, have three tips to help you perfect your grip ahead of golf's return next week.


Tee Box London has quickly become one of the most popular indoor golf facilities in the nation's capital, thanks to its industry leading Trackman powered simulators, providing golfers with the perfect haven to unwind, practice or take a lesson with one of their highly qualified PGA professionals.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, Tee Box has unfortunately had to close its doors to the public, but once they are able to open once again, you can find the incredible facility in the heart of the square mile, just a four minute walk from Bank or Mansion House station and just one minute from St Pauls. 

Tee Box London: 33 Gutter Lane, Priest's Court, City of London, EC2V 8AS.

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