Chervo Maiocchi jacket: Our GO-TO jacket for Winter Golf

The Chervo Maiocchi jacket is one of the most expensive in the market, but it has become our go-to garment for cold winter weather.

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Alex Lodge
Wed, 18 Jan 2023
Chervo Maiocchi jacket: Our GO-TO jacket for Winter Golf

Need To Know

- Lightweight sleeves allow for greater mobility  - Happy-Goose padding makes the jacket incredibly warm but still very lightweight - Modern, fresh design that can be worn on and off the course - Will appeal to a lot of different golfers
- Very expensive - Should be slightly more waterproof considering its price.
Our score:
PRICE: £462.81 YEAR: from 2023

Golf is an incredibly difficult game before we involve the weather. The cold, wet winter months prove to be an unpleasant sight for a lot of fair-weather golfers. But the new Chervo Maiocchi jacket aims to provide a thermal barrier against that.

The Chervo Maiocchi is a Pro-Therm men’s jacket that features nylon fabric, technical Happy-Goose padding and Aqua-Drop technology that protects against showers without sacrificing breathability. 

With a price of £462.81, Chervo is placing itself with the likes of Galvin Green. By design alone, it’s clear to see that Chervo is up to the challenge.

The design is characterised by high-frequency laser thread-less stitching, with the semi-detachable lined sleeves facilitating freedom of movement and enhancing the versatility of the garment.

The jacket is the epitome of class and attention to detail, but for a winter golfer, we need it to hold up against some tough conditions (especially given its hefty price tag!)



After reviewing this jacket over a number of rounds now, we believe it's perfect for the golfer who wants to look good and feel good in the cold winter months. The Maiocchi is incredibly lightweight, yet it still provides a lot of thermal support. 

The sleeves are the lightest feature of this product. Although I didn’t use the semi-detachable element advertised (it’s winter!) I found that you were able to swing freely and not lose any significant club head speed from the jacket alone.

I wore the jacket whilst testing some products indoors and there was no drop-off in clubhead speed. 

The Happy-Goose padding kept my body extremely warm in near-freezing conditions. It is quite a thick layer, but with the padding not being on the sleeves, it doesn’t impact movement in the golf swing. 

Showers and rainfall are common in the South East of England during winter, and I certainly put the Chervo Maiocchi through its paces in that regard.

It performs well when the heavens open, but once the showers evolve to heavy rainfall, the sleeves do get rather heavy. That was to be expected as Chervo does not state this jacket is fully waterproof. 

A golf jacket of this price will always bring questions, but I thoroughly enjoyed testing the Chervo Maiocchi jacket, with the product now being my go-to for winter golf.

In terms of value for money, you can certainly find a product that will perform better and be more waterproof. Still, when considering its standout hybrid looks and its lightweight performance, this jacket ranks as one of my favourites of the last 12 months. 



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