Five steps to hit longer drives

Want to hit longer drives? Check out GolfMagic's five-step guide to start hitting BOMBS with your driver. With these free driving tips, you could add some serious distance to your driving. So read on, get practicing and start hitting longer and straughter drives!

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Wed, 12 Jun 2019
Five tips to hit longer drives

There's arguably no better feeling during a round of golf than whipping out your driver and hitting an absolute bomb down the middle of the fairway. Your mates give you a cheer, you hold the finish, give it a club twirl and then walk off the tee as if it was the easiest thing you've ever done. Well at GolfMagic, we want you hitting bombs every week, so check out our step by step guide on how to hit longer drives.

Step 1 - Body set up

If you're going to hit long drives, you need to set your body up so that you're in a position to do so, otherwise you're going to struggle straight away.

To hit long drives you want high launch and low spin in order to maximise your carry and roll out. To do this, it's crucial that you hit up on the ball, so tee the ball up inside your left heel (right handed player). 

Next we need to get the weight distribution correct, so you're going to want to put around 60% of your weight on your right leg and drop your right shoulder down. You will now have a natural tilt in your set up which is going to help you hit up on the ball. The worst thing for amateur golfers to start doing is to TRY and hit up on the ball. This can cause slices, poor contact and the urge to wrap your driver over your knee. If you set your body up in this position, you're loaded and ready to naturally hit up on the ball to maximise your carry.