Galvin Green ShakeDry Jacket Review

GolfMagic tests and reviews the ShakeDry jacket from Galvin Green.

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Mon, 18 Nov 2019
Galvin Green ShakeDry jacket review

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Extremely lightweight, the most waterproof jacket on the market, breathable, effective
Premium price tag
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PRICE: £280.00 YEAR: from 2019

Earlier this year, Galvin Green launched the ShakeDry jacket and since its arrival it has swept the competition away, taking the market by storm.

The super-lightweight jacket, which features the GORE-TEX membrane on the outside for the first time, is Galvin Green's lightest Gore-Tex jacket, weighing just 174g.

The brand's innovative ShakeDry technology minimises friction during your swing so that golfers can maximise clubhead speed. The GORE-TEX waterproof membrane on the outside of the jacket isn't covered by a face fabric, meaning that water beads up and rolls of the surface as quickly as it arrives.


We absolutely love the ShakeDry jacket from Galvin Green. From a technology side of things, there is no better waterproof jacket on the market today, no debate.

The outer GORE-TEX is quite incredible to see in action. No matter how heavy the rain, the jacket repells the water at a very fast rate, keeping you as dry as possible, which of course is only going to help your golf in wet conditions. You could literally use a bottle of water and pour it over the jacket and you'd be amazed at how quickly the water runs off of the jacket, leaving no trace behind.

The light weight of the jacket makes it the perfect solution to a potential wet round of golf. There's no point in a jacket being waterproof if it feels heavy either in your bag or when you have it on, it effects your performance. Carrying this jacket in your bag is no issue at all and when it's on, it's so light that you barely notice it.

For a rain jacket, it's also not too large or bulky, something quite common in rain jackets, meaning if it's also cold, you can combine the jacket with other layers without feeling like you've got too much on to make a proper swing.

The elasticated cuffs are also a nice tough, keeping the sleeves away from your hands, while the hem drawstring and soft padded collar add to the attention to detail.

At £280, it's an expensive garment, there's no hiding away from that. But with the ShakeDry jacket you're certainly getting your money's worth. It's a versaitile jacket that doesn't need to be limited to rainy days, it's breathable and warm enough to be worn in windy conditions too.

The water-repelling GORE-TEX technology is simply genius and if you're a serious golfer who isn't looking for the loudest jacket out there, but one that's going to keep you as dry as possinle, then the ShakeDry is the jacket for you

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