Golf Gym Sessions: Gain Distance Over Lockdown By Improving Your Fitness

We teamed up with Cameron Lodge from Underground Gym in Tunbridge Wells to provide you with four crucial tips on how to stay fit for the golf course during lockdown without any gym equipment.

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Fri, 13 Nov 2020
Golf Gym Sessions: Gain Distance Over Lockdown By Improving Your Fitness

With the second national lockdown in full swing in England, getting your daily dose of exercise can be a struggle, but there are ways we can make sure we still feel physically strong when we return to the golf course in a few weeks time.

We've teamed up with Cameron Lodge, a personal trainer from Underground Gym in Tunbridge Wells, who has four crucial tips to help golfers stay fit during lockdown. Watch the video below and make sure you hit like and subscribe to keep up with all our golf content:


1. Staying Active: Something is always better than nothing. If you spend the four weeks of lockdown sitting around and not doing any form of exercise, you're going to feel much more of a strain the next time you go and play golf. So make sure you get up and do some form of exercise and this is going to benefit you both physically and mentally, even if it's as small as going for a walk.

2. Stay Flexible & Mobile: If you're someone who is frequently playing golf, areas pf your body can start to get a little tight, mainly your back and shoulders. Skip to 2 minutes in the video to check out the best stretches upper body stretches targeted at golfers.

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3. Lower Body: When we play golf, we use our lower body to generate power up and through the ground. Being able to generate more power in your legs will lead to longer distance. Skip to 3 minutes in the video to watch the recommended leg exercices that can help you hit bombs.

4. Core Strength: Your core is one of the most used parts of the body throughout a golf swing. It's comprised of different areas around the front, side and back of your middle section and strengthening these areas will make you physically stronger and can lead to creating more stability and speed through the swing. Skip to 6 minutes 30 seconds to see the core exercises.

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