Golfer hits incredible shot in strong winds at one of WORLD'S GREAT PAR-3'S!

One golfer was playing in the wind and the rain at Pebble Beach in California and he hit one of the most impressive shots ever at the iconic golf course.

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Mon, 12 Dec 2022
Golfer hits incredible shot in strong winds at one of WORLD'S GREAT PAR-3'S!

Pebble Beach has hosted six US Opens in its illustrious history and it has four more on the way, as well as four more US Women's Opens to look forward to between now and 2048.

The game's greatest players have competed at the famous venue in California. Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson have all won the US Open on the world-famous turf.

The course, first established in 1919, may have never seen a shot like the one that was filmed over the weekend on the short par-3 7th hole. A shot maybe Woods, Nicklaus or Watson weren't capable of in their primes.

Posted by Michael Knoll on Instagram, one golfer and his group found themselves on the par-3 which can play as short as 90 yards. The hole offers a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean.

The weather was dreadful. The rain was coming in sideways and as you can see in the footage above, the wind was also causing havoc and creating near-impossible playing conditions.

This golfer opted to hit his driver. That's how strong the wind was. It proved to be the perfect choice as his ball flew low into the green and on to the putting surface.

It didn't just find the putting surface though. The ball finished about three feet left of the hole and set up an incredible birdie chance. The golfer and his playing partners shared high fives and celebrations.

The 7th hole at Pebble is the shortest on the PGA Tour and has a 40-foot drop from the tee box to the green. Sam Snead reportedly once hit his putter off the tee to avoid the wind.

This golfer certainly channelled his inner Snead with this miraculous shot which was hit into what is described as a 40-50 mph wind in the video's caption.