How to NEVER TOP A GOLF BALL again for the rest of your life!

PGA pro James Whittemore provides his best golf tips on preventing the dreaded top golf shot...

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Tue, 5 Jan 2021
How to NEVER TOP A GOLF BALL again for the rest of your life!

Are you fed up of constantly topping your golf shots? Well if that's a bit of you then you will want to check out these incredibly helpful new golf tips from one of our resident PGA coaches, James Whittemore of Wellingborough Golf Club

James looks at two big areas to prevent topped golf shots and that is through correcting your posture and how you shift your body weight during the golf swing. Watch James' video tip below to learn more: 



First things first, we need to look at our posture. Now one of the biggest things I see with serial toppers, is how we get to the bottom of the ball.

The problem when flexing from the knees is that you can very easily change the direction of your movement and stand up. You will shorten the arms and it will contribute to a topped shot. 

So I want to change your posture so we can get into the correct positions in the swing to start with.



Get the club in front of you, legs dead straight, get the shoulders back and the chest nice and high. Keep the legs dead straight with arms out in front, and just let the club hit the floor, while trying to maintain your posture.

Do not let the shoulders rotate or get that rounded position. Keep the shoulders back and flex the knees ever so slightly, so that you are flexed from the hips and not your knees. This will make it easier to stay in posture during the strike and allow you to rotate through the ball and turn through towards the target. 

Key things to look out for during this move is to keep your head and body moving through. You want your eye line following the golf ball as you maintain your posture. 

The second tip to think about if you top the golf ball is how you shift your body weight during the swing.

If you hit the golf ball thin or hit a lot of topped shots, you will likely move a lot laterally. You will move over to your trail side and the centre is right over by your back leg. You want to feel like the pressure of your body weight is on your left side. 

As you make the descending motion to the ball, you want to feel like the zip of your jacket is ahead of the ball at impact. Feel like the movement is going onto the left side, and then swing through to the finish.