Jon Rahm on LIV Golf players at the Ryder Cup? "The decision has been made"

Spanish World No. 4 Jon Rahm believes the decision has already been made to ban the LIV Golf players from the Ryder Cup in Italy.

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Thu, 19 Jan 2023
Jon Rahm on LIV Golf players at the Ryder Cup? "The decision has been made"

Jon Rahm believes the decision has already been made to ban LIV Golf players from the Ryder Cup

Speaking on the No Laying Up podcast, the Spaniard said he hopes the golf world can now move past the "pettiness". 

Rahm said there was absolutely no need anymore to "throw shade". 

GolfMagic discussed LIV Golf players and the Ryder Cup, in particular Ian Poulter, in this week's podcast episode:

At this point, Rahm believes the PGA Tour and LIV Golf should just "put out their product" and see "who lasts longer". 

Rahm, who has already tasted victory in 2023 and is in a blistering run of form, also offered his thoughts about the forthcoming Ryder Cup. 

The subject was once again thrust into the spotlight as Ian Poulter suggested he would consider snubbing the Ryder Cup even if he were qualify automatically. 

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This was after the Englishman hit the headlines because both he and Sergio Garcia weren't wished a happy birthday by Ryder Cup Europe. 

Rahm told No Laying Up:

"I think the Ryder Cup posted a video of [Francesco] Molinari on his birthday, right? Like they were doing that. The day before I knew it was Sergio’s birthday and they didn't do it, so I think the decision has been made for me.
"I think the Ryder Cup is above, in my mind, the PGA Tour and any of those things. We don't get paid, we don't get points, we don't get anything except bragging rights if you win or lose. Period.
"I always try to think from the point of view of golf, what's best for golf and you want to see the best players there. Sergio is the greatest Ryder Cup player in history, statistically.
"There are some people that have made the European team what it is - Seve being one of them, Faldo, Monty, you have many staples on each European side. I think Sergio is one of them, Poulter's one of them.
"So when you've been part of the team, and you've made the team what it is, to not be allowed to be involved in any way, I don't necessarily agree with it.
"Plus, it's Europe against the US, it's not the PGA Tour against LIV. So, to me, you should give those players the opportunity to be part of a team."

Rahm partnered the aforementioned Garcia at the 2021 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits. 

They beat Brooks Koepka and Jordan Spieth 2&1 but in the end the U.S. ran out 19-9 winners. 

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Rahm continued: 

"Even though it hurts me because I have so much fun with Sergio and we play so good that I would love to keep playing with him again, you have some young Europeans that maybe they wouldn't have made it.
"We have a lot of young players that will have a chance this time in Europe, so I'm hoping it could be a fresh start.
"We see what the US team did last Ryder Cup with a younger team. Not that we're going to win 19-9 or whatever it was but you have a fresher start on the team. There's always a positive in every situation. 
"But yeah, I think with that post, that decision was made already and they just haven't announced it. Both sides need to make a unanimous decision, right?
"You can't have one team allowing LIV and the other one not. I don't think that the PGA is going to allow LIV players to play but if they decided to do it, I think the European team should open that possibility."

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