Jon Rahm on Tiger Woods look: "It's a stupid answer to a stupid question"

Jon Rahm reveals the "stupid" reason for dressing like Tiger Woods in the final round of the Tournament of Champions. 

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Wed, 11 Jan 2023
Jon Rahm on Tiger Woods look: "It's a stupid answer to a stupid question"

Jon Rahm has revealed the "stupid" reason for him ending up dressing in Tiger Woods' famous red and black colours in the final round of the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii on Sunday. 

Rahm, 28, typically wears a light red shirt for the final rounds of tournaments on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour, but he does not usually wear black trousers as he considers those to be Tiger Woods' colours for a final round. 

The former World No.1 prefers to pair his red shirt with a pair of grey or navy pants. 

But on Sunday, Rahm had to go with the "black pants" all because of a packing mistake with his belts. 

It proved to work though, as Rahm overcame a nine-shot deficit with 17 holes to play to run out an unthinkable two-shot victory over Collin Morikawa, who collapsed on the back nine. 

Rahm, who shot a stunning 10-under 63 in the final round, explained more about his clothing mistake to the media:

"I'm wearing black pants and the Sunday shirt that I usually wear [when I’m in contention] because I was like, ‘Oh, I don't usually like getting too close to Sundays in time.’
"We're so far away, whatever, I'll just wear black. I didn't want to wear navy [pants] every day. So I just put on the black ones, not that I even had hope, but I'm like we're going to need a small miracle."

Navy pants? 

"You want to know the honest truth?" replied Rahm, who only brought a navy belt and a black belt with him to Hawaii. 
"I forgot almost all the belts I was supposed to bring.
"And I told [Rahm’s wife] Kelley, I'm not about to be hot as hell all week wearing black pants and darker shirts, so navy it is.
"I know it's a stupid answer to a stupid question, but that's the truth. I usually don't want to wear anything that's close to red with black on Sundays because of Tiger. That's his outfit.
"But that's why I wear gray or navy or other things usually. I don't want to get close to him. But, yeah, I just, I just didn't want to wear navy anymore. I forgot my belts, that's all it is.”


Rahm then also revealed he forgot to bring enough socks for his week at Kapalua.

"Yeah, I forgot a few things."

One thing Rahm hasn't forgot to do of late is win trophies.

That's now three wins in his last five starts around the world. 

Mind you, he's still fifth in the world. Nonsense.