Justin Rose's best speed control putting drill

Rose posts one of his favourite putting drills, perfect to practice on during the coronavirus lockdown...

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Fri, 24 Apr 2020
Justin Rose's best speed control putting drill

Justin Rose has revealed one his favourite putting drills on Instagram today (although it was filmed before the coronavirus lockdown), and it's all about controlling your pace on the greens. 

Check out Rose's quick and easy drill that you can work on at home right now...



"This one is all about speed control - it's something I do at the beginning of each tournament when I turn up at a new venue to get the pace of the greens for that week," said Rose. 

"Normally I would take a ball mark or a coin in my pocket and I'll flick it somewhere. When a putting green is busy, you don't always need a hole to putt to. 

"The idea is that once you are over the ball, you look towards your target or marker, and then you bring your eyes back to the ball and you remember where that target was and you react to it. 


"You keep your eyes dead still, your head still, and then the goal is to look up as the ball makes its last revolution. 

"Quite clearly on this one, I'm quite a little bit shy of pace so the greens are a little bit slower than I'm thinking. Again, my eyes at the target, then back to the ball, then react as we make the strike, and then we look up as the ball makes its last revolution.

"That's a great drill for speed control. Give it a go and see how you get on."