LIV Golf League pro: I'll be welcome on PGA Tour after my contract expires

LIV Golf League player Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra believes he will be welcome to earn his stripes on the PGA Tour in the future.

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Thu, 12 Jan 2023
LIV Golf League pro: I'll be welcome on PGA Tour after my contract expires

LIV Golf League player Eugenio Lopez-Chacarra appears to have the confidence he will be welcome on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour after his contract with the breakaway tour has expired. 

The Spanish LIV player has signed a three-year contract with the series. LIV are gearing up for its second year which begins next month in Mexico at Mayakoba. 

It has been a quiet time for the circuit but one of the worst kept secrets in golf was confirmed earlier in the week when it was reported that LIV have signed Mito Pereira

Pereira will join Joaquin Niemann's Torque GC side. Lopez-Chacarra plays for Sergio Garcia's Fireballs GC. There has been speculation that team names will change in 2023. 

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Lopez-Chacarra - who has already tasted victory in a LIV event and was congratulated by Jon Rahm - has given an interview to @FlushingIt

The 22-year-old has spoken of his Ryder Cup aspirations, how Garcia convinced him to join and his nervousness sleeping on a lead with $4m on the line. 

Another interesting aspect of his interview was his confidence that he will be welcome to try and earn his PGA Tour or DP World Tour card after the expiration of his contract. 

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan was previously firm in his stance that LIV players would not be welcome back. 

Lopez-Chacarra said: 

"We got an email, we got a paper before I sign anything and the paper says if you were never a member of the PGA Tour, the European Tour or any tours associated with the PGA Tour they have no problem. 
"It's just another path so once my contract is done, if I wanna try Q School, I can get into those tours but right now I have a lot of time on LIV, I'm happy here and I think it's the best path for me." 

Lopez-Chacarra also contends that there are still a lot of high-profile players interested in joining the circuit. 

He continued: 

"I feel like a lot of people want to get in LIV right know. I know a lot names on the European Tour are going to Asian Tour Q School and want to join LIV. 
"I mean, everyone wants to make money, we do this for a living. 
"People work in other companies and if another company calls and they're gonna pay them double, normally everyone leaves. 
"I know there's a lot of competition coming up, a lot of people text me and wanna know about LIV and I think LIV is great and I'm excited for next season." 

His comments come after the trailer for the new Netflix documentary was released

Full Swing will be available to stream on 15 February. 

The cameras were rolling behind the scenes in what was a sensational year in the game. 

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