NEW: Cobra launches new AEROJET Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids for 2023

Cobra introduces its brand new AEROJET Drivers featuring new PWR-BRIDGE Weighting...

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Mon, 9 Jan 2023
NEW: Cobra launches new AEROJET Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids for 2023

Cobra has today launched exciting new AEROJET Drivers, Fairway Woods and Hybrids for 2023. 

The Cobra AEROJET Driver builds on the impressive design and performance attributes of the previous Cobra LTDx lineup and debuts a bold new aerodynamic shape in all three models - AEROJET LS, AEROJET and AEROJET MAX - to deliver faster clubhead speed and ball speed.


Each new driver and fairway features PWR-Bridge Weighting Technology, the company's first ever suspended weight design. 

The new technology utilizes and internal bridge structure that is elevated above the sole to achieve a low, forward CG.

Cobra AEROJET Drivers 2023

Cobra's Advanced Aerodynamic Shaping of the new AEROJET Drivers is the product of years of research and testing with some of the fastest swings on the planet. 

When compared to a traditional driver, the AEROJET LS (which comprises the msot aggressive aero shape of the three models) features a streamlined frontal area, raised aft and skirt, and a more curved crown with a peak that is moved as far from the face as possible.

These design attributes contribute to a significant reduction in drag through the swing for increased speed and superior aerodynamic performance. 

When tested against the LTDx LS, the new AEROJET LS Driver produced up to 1.5mph clubhead speed during Cobra's robot testing, making these new designs the fastest and most aerodynamic Cobra drivers to date. 

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Cobra's Vice President of Innovation, Mike Yagley, said: 

"The aerodynamic package in the new AEROJET family of drivers is our most advanced to date.
"We continue to balance the aggressive streamlining with optimum mass and resilience properties to give players maximum clubhead speed and ball launch characteristics for increased distance."

The family of AEROJET Drivers uses progressive aerodynamic shaping and unique weighting configurations to produce the fastest clubhead speed possible, while achieving specific mass property targets for different golfers. 

The AEROJET LS (Low Spin) Driver features the most aggressive aerodynamic shape designed for players with faster swing speeds with forward adjustable heel and toe weights (12g and 3g) that tune a neutral to fade-biased ball flight.

The AEROJET Driver blends low spin performance with added stability and slightly higher launch than the LS model, using a fixed back weight (12g).

While the AEROJET MAX delivers maximum forgiveness and trajectory heigh through an adjustable back and heel weight (12g and 3g) that can also be used to deliver a draw-bias when the weights are flipped. 

New internal technologies include PWR-Bridge Weighting - a 13g structure that is suspended above the sole like a bridge to position the CG forward for maximum speed and low for reduced spin, while enabling a more flexible sole structure for improved energy transfer. 

The elevated PWR-BRIDGE design was critical to make room for the PWRSHELL Face Insert, which debuts for the first time in a Cobra driver, delivering a larger Sweet Zone for faster ball speed across the face.

In conjunction with the PWRSHEEL, the insert features a new H.O.T Face variable thickness pattern.

H.O.T FACE (which stands for Highly Optimized Topology) was designed using artificial intelligence and features multiple zones with optimized thicknesses and shaping to deliver more efficient speed and spin across the entire clubface. 

A thin ply carbon fiber structure which is 30% thiner than normal carbon fiber is utilized in a raw finish in both the crown and sole, resulting in freed up discretionary weight to be positioned lower in the clubhead, effectively lowering the CG location (to near zero) for improved launch and spin characteristics.

The men's AEROJET family of metals comes in a black colourway featuring a satin matte black perimeter and a raw carbon fiber gloss crown.

The sole features raw carbon fiber gloss accented with white perimeter paint with blue and red accents. 

RRP £429

Cobra AEROJET Fairway Woods 2023

Complementing the innovative line of AEROJET Drivers are a full lineup of Fairway Metals.

Utilizing the same PWR-BRIDGE Weighting and PWRSHELL with H.O.T Face and carbon fiber crown technologies as the AEROJET Drivers, Cobra engineers were able to shift the CG forward for more speed and low spin while also creating a more flexible face and sole area to maximize speed and distance. 

Also available in three models, the AEROJET fairway woods are designed to fit the full spectrum of players. 

AEROJET LS Fairway Woods: Cobra's low spin fairway models are designed for players with faster swing speeds and use forward weighting to produce lower, workable trajectories. PWR-BRIDGE weighting and PWRSHELL H.O.T Face Technology work in tandem to maximize energy transfer through a low, forward CG and a more flexible face and sole area. A lightweight weighting system features two forward weight ports with 12g and 3g weights that can be positioned in the heel or toe to fine tune fade-bias. 

AEROJET Fairway Woods: The standard AEROJET model is aimed at the widest variety of players looking for easy launch, long distance and ample forgiveness. A 12g fixed weight is positioned in the rear of the sole for added forgiveness and high launch, while PWGR-BRIDGE and PWRSHELL H.O.T Face Technology provide faster ball speed through a low, forward CG and a more flexible face and sole structure. A lightweight carbon crown further contributes to the low CG by removing weight from the upper portion of the clubhead.

AEROJET MAX Fairway Woods: Cobra's most forgiving fairway that combines the fast and forgiving performance of the standard AEROJET model with additional launch and draw bias. An adjustable weight system features 12g and 3g weights that can be positioned in the back or the heel of the sole to fine tune between forgiveness and draw. PWR-BRIDGE weighting and PWRSHELL H.O.T Face Technology again deliver the fastest ball speed possible using low and forward weighting and an optimized variable thickness face design, while a carbon crown helps lower the CG location for higher launch. 

RRP £269

Cobra AEROJET Hybrids 2023

Rounding out the new family, the Cobra AEROJET Hybrids feature a new shape with lower heel, more rounded crown, and slightly raised aft, as well as the same PWR-Bridge weighting and PWRSHELL H.O.T Face Technology as the AEROJET Drivers and Fairways.

The AEROJET ONE Length Hybrid is designed in a shorter set up (37.25") that complements the ONE Length irons in a combo set but is also a favoured option by many non-ONE Length players for its high launching and forgiving performance. 

RRP £219

All new Cobra AEROJET products are available at retail and online from February 10, 2023.

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