Outstanding chirp made on NBC as Jordan Spieth toiled with THIS hole

Jordan Spieth carded a bogey at No. 9 at Waialae Country Club during the Sony Open but it could have been so much worse for the three-time major champion.

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Mon, 16 Jan 2023
Outstanding chirp made on NBC as Jordan Spieth toiled with THIS hole

Jordan Spieth had what can only be described as an interesting week on the PGA Tour

He co-led the Sony Open after round one then inexplicably missed the cut at Waialae Country Club after a second round 75. 

Spieth's second round - while nothing to shout about - was going along without a hitch but then disaster struck at No. 9. 

He carded four consecutive bogeys and in the end finished one stroke adrift of the cut. 

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What made his missed cut all the more remarkable was that it absolutely summed up the battle between his ears in recent years. 

"How do I hold this s*** together," Spieth told the media last week as he revealed his new glamping lifestyle. 

For this article we'd like to focus on what happened at the ninth hole in case you missed it. 

It had a little bit of  everything for Spieth fans.

Water. Michael Greller chat. A rules issue. You name it. 

What happened? 

Spieth hit a wild tee shot so far right it sailed over the palm trees and onto the cart path and into the water. 

This is just how far right Spieth hit it:

Picture: PGA Tour

Spieth stood with his hands on his hips and discussed his options with a rules official. 

In the end, he took relief from the path. 

PGA Tour analysit John Wood said in the broadcast of Spieth's two options:

"He can take relief from the penalty area and get it on a thin piece of grass that you see right of the cart path.
"He could then take another set of relief from that cart path, to the left, but if he does that, he's got four palm trees right in front of him; he's got no shot of hitting the green. If he drops on that little strip of grass, he's got a decent lie, he has a chance to get it on the green." 

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Spieth then hit a wild hook left and yelled out to Greller as he feared his ball was going out of bounds: 

"Whoa, Mikey! Michael, can you come back here? Oh, nevermind." 

Pictures: Golf Channel 

According to Shot Tracker, Spieth then had 60 yards to the green but he was only two yards from the chain-link fence. 

He also had another set of palm trees in front of him. Another discussion with Greller ensued. 

His caddie advised a punch 8-iron but Spieth believed the club wouldn't carry the fairway and even if it did it would go over the green. 

In the end, he settled for a wedge and his golf ball didn't hit the tree, but it ended up some 58ft from the hole. 

Paul Azinger - who said Adam Scott's new PGA Tour role is a waste of time - found Spieth's "pickle" absolutely hilarious. 

He said: "You know, it's great to watch Jordan when he gets into a little bit of a pickle, isn't it?"

Wood agreed it was a "strange hole" for Spieth, saying that the 30-year-old was rushed his first putt as he "looked like he was rushing it". 

Spieth left himself 10ft for his bogey six and dropped the putt. 

So long as Jordan Spieth has a golf club in his hands he will never stop doing Jordan Spieth things. 

A classic Spieth moment...

Spieth was involved in an incredible exchange last year when he ignored Greller's advice at the BMW Championship. 

He told Greller that if his golf ball landed in the water then it was "on him". 

Spieth fatted his shot and carded a double bogey then, which meant he dropped out of the lead. 

Watch that here:

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