Paige Spiranac reveals all with ONLY PAIGE: "You've asked and I've delivered"

Paige Spiranac takes to social media to introduce her new 'OnlyPaige' subscription site where users get VIP access into her life both on and off the golf course...

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Wed, 18 Jan 2023
Paige Spiranac reveals ONLY PAIGE: "You've asked and I've delivered"

Paige Spiranac says she has delivered on requests from her followers by today introducing a new OnlyPaige website.

The new subscription-only site will give Paige's biggest fans VIP access into her life both on and off the golf course.

Spiranac has just shy of 4 million followers on both Facebook and Instagram, which is even more than Tiger Woods, and she has a quarter of a million followers over on Twitter. 

Paige, who used to play professional golf before turning her attentions to the social media space, took to her channels today to reveal her latest big news for 2023. 

Her new site will feature her best golf instruction tips, unseen photos and videos, live streams, 'Reals', Q&As and invites to special events. 

Photo credit: Paige Spiranac / OnlyPaige

Spiranac captioned her latest Insta post: 

"You've asked and I've delivered. Link in bio [winky face]."

The winky face is clearly in reference to her followers assuming the site is an 'Only Fans' page, which many of her followers have asked her to start.

But with 'OnlyPaige', things are different. 

Taking a closer look at her new website, and Paige's content will consist of the following: 

  • Unseen photos and video content
  • Golf instruction tips 
  • Sneak peeks into her everyday life
  • Live streams
  • Invites to special golf events
  • Partner drops

Spriranac's fans can sign up for a Monthly package consisting of golf instruction, behind the scenes photos and videos, access to Reels and Q&As, partner drops and live streams for $9.99 per month. 

Paige is also giving her users a chance to sign up for an Annual package that consists of the Monthly subscription above, but with additional surprise 'Only Paige' gifts, early access to new products, more live streams, and invitations to special golf events. 

She is giving golf fans a chance to save 15% when they subscribe up right now. 

Paige's website blurb reads as follows: 

Welcome to OnlyPaige!

"I have always wanted to give my fans a way to connect with me beyond social media.
"Now my dream has finally come true!
"This subscription is an exciting, fun way to conntent with me like never before that includes everything from golf instruction and peeks into my everyday life, to behind the scenes of special events and photoshoots!
"I'll be uploading fresh, new content multiple times per week, and will check in on live streams often!
"Join now to get VIP Access to original content you won't see anywhere else. 
"I'm excited to share my life with you on a new level!
"XO, Paige."

Here's a more in-depth look at the content you can obtain from OnlyPaige: 

Golf Instruction

"Whether you're a beginner or looking to fine-tune your skills, there's something for every golfer in these fully-comprehensive courses. 
"Coming soon: celebrity appearances, golf fitness, practice guides, swing fixes, and more!"

Just the basics 

"Let me walk you through everything you need to know about the game.
"From what to wear to how to keep score, to what kind of clubs to get and so much more!"

Full swing

"From golf grip to setup, to striking a pose at follow through, I'll explain how to build and perfect your golf swing step by step!"


"My chipping has always been the best part of my game.
"I'll run you through tips and drills to make you more comfortable around the greens to save a ton of shots!"


"The smallest motion in golf, yet arguably the most challenging!
"I'll help you perfect it all, from grip and setup, to reading greens and drills."

Peeks into my everyday life!

"Subscribe now to gain access to The Bunker, Reals, Live Streams, sit down Q&As, and behind the scenes content from events!
"New content uploaded regularly."

The Bunker

"Never before seen photos you won't find anywhere else.
"Click here to visit The Bunker."

Reals / Bra Tutorial 

"A play on the term 'Instagram Reels', Reals are true, inside looks at my day-to-day life!
"These cover a wide range of topics from golf, travel, beauty, lifestyle, gym and more."

Live Streams

"Live streams you won't find on Instagram!
"Join me on the next members only Live Stream, and be sure to submit your question - I might answer it live!"


"I sat down and answered a bunch of my most FAQ
"From 'are your boobs real?' to 'who's your least favourite golf pro?' I answer them all here!"

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She also warned some men to delete their DMs after having asked her out on a date. 

If you want to sign up, please head over to the Only Paige website