PING launch new G430 irons, their LONGEST EVER to date

The new PING G430 irons will help you gain up to 10 yards in distance and more ball speed with the use of the PurFlex cavity badge, multi-material construction and a shorter hosel.

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Wed, 11 Jan 2023
PING launch new G430 irons, their LONGEST EVER to date

PING has announced the launch of its new G430 family with the irons being the company's longest ever, using new technological innovations.

The multi-material iron produces distance gains of between seven and 10 yards with improved accuracy throughout the set. This is PING's longest iron ever and this is because of the combination of a lower centre of gravity with stronger, custom-engineered lofts.

The thinner face also helps to deliver up to 2 mph more ball speed. This leads to a significant distance increase without losing the company's well-known forgiveness qualities.

Added distance is also brought by the PurFlex cavity badge. This is an innovation with seven flex zones that allow more free bending to increase ball speed across the face.

The badge contributes to the solid feel and pleasing impact sound. The stronger lofts across the set resulted in the addition of a 41-degree pitching wedge. This ensures proper gapping options and standard lofts in the traditional scoring wedges.

There is also a shorter hosel shape which creates a more compact and clean look. This helps to lower the centre of gravity by aligning it closer to the force line to increase ball speed and ensure solid impact.

About one extra degree of bounce throughout the set provides good turf interaction and pure strikes, minimising heavy shots that come up short. 

"Our ability to make this iron so much longer while maintaining all the other important attributes golfers need from their irons like forgiveness, stopping power and gapping alternatives is one of the most impressive engineering stories throughout the entire G430 line," said John K. Solheim, PING CEO and President.

"We know golfers want more distance from their irons but distance without control doesn’t lead to lower scores. That’s why we put so much emphasis on designing an iron that not only goes a very long way, but it flies higher, straighter and lands softer."

Take a look below at the PING G430 iron specifications, which will be available on January 27.

Price: £150 per club (steel), £160 per club (graphite)

Specs: 4-9, PW (41), 45.5, 50, 54 and 58 degrees in 10 colour codes. Standard, Power Spec and Retro Spec loft options.

Shafts: PING AWT 2.0 steel (R, S, X), PING Alta CB Black graphite (SR, R, S), PING Alta Quick 35/45 (HL build only). More shafts are available.