Stop coming over the top in your golf swing INSTANTLY with this practice drill

Are you struggling to stop yourself coming over the top of your swing? Try this drill on the range to get an instant feel for a better swing path.

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Fri, 4 Dec 2020
Stop coming over the top in your golf swing INSTANTLY with this practice drill

Coming over the top of your swing will always lead to some pretty horrific golf shots and if it's something you've struggled to shake, then this practice drill is definitely worth trying.

Some golfers really struggle with an over the top swing and if you're sick of slicing your drives and shanking your irons, watch this drill provided by PGA Professional Steven Went.


It's important to remember that this drill is mainly about feel, not about the quality of strike.

Try it without a ball for a few swings and just get used to feeling your arms drop into a better swing path and avoid hitting your other club on the way through.

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Once you've taken a few swings without a ball, feel free to add a golf ball to the equation, but keep the swings short so you can really focus on that path.

If you feel like you're no longer coming over the top and you've consistently carried out this drill without hitting the other club, take it out from under your foot and hit some normal shots.

This isn't a drill we recommend doing for too long, but for those of you who are really struggling with an over the top swing, it can provide instant feedback on swing path and help rid you of those dreaded slices and shanks.

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