Three simple steps to hitting your LONGEST DRIVES

Former World Long Drive champion Joe Miller explains how you can start hitting your longest ever drives.

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Wed, 1 Jul 2020
Three simple steps to hitting your LONGEST DRIVES

Now I don't care what anyone says, there is no better feeling in golf than stepping on the tee with a driver in hand and hitting an absolute bomb down the middle of the fairway. You hold the finish, hear the words "great shot" muttered behind you by your jealous playing partners, pick up your tee and walk with some swagger back over to your bag. Unfortunately, not all of us have the ability to hit bombs on a regular basis, but here at GolfMagic, we have a friend who does...

Joe Miller is a two-time World Long Drive champion and knows a thing or two about what it takes to hit the ball far down the fairway. So watch the video below and check out his three top tips to longer drives.



Tee it high: A mistake that many golfers make is teeing the ball too low when they're hitting a driver. Teeing the ball higher improves your angle of attack, which enables you to hit up on the ball. Hitting up on the ball reduces spin which is going to add some serious distance to your drives. So try teeing the ball higher and launching the ball up into the air.


Shoulder turn: Increasing your shoulder turn adds speed to your swing and speed means more distance. Try and film a few of your driver swings at a side angle so you can see what sort of turn you're creating with a driver. If you're not using a full turn and rotation with your shoulders, you're not giving yourself the opportunity to hit bombs! 


Heel lift: If you want to add serious yards to your driving, then lift the heel of your leading foot during your backswing. This allows you to turn and rotate a lot more than your body will let you if your feet are planted on the ground. On the downswing, your lead foot will naturally plant back towards the ground, generating power to unleash an absolute bomb.

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