Tiger Woods accused of DELIBERATELY avoiding subpoena notice in antitrust case

Tiger Woods has been accused of deliberately evading attempts to be served notice of a subpoena by Florida-based attorney Larry Klayman.

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Fri, 6 Jan 2023
Tiger Woods accused of DELIBERATELY avoiding subpoena notice in antitrust case

Tiger Woods has been accused of deliberately avoiding attempts to be served notice of a subpoena. 

Attorney Larry Klayman - who is representing LIV Golf League player Patrick Reed in his defamation action against members of the golf media - has filed an antitrust case against the PGA Tour. 

Lawyers for the American circuit tried to get it thrown out but this was denied by a judge last month. 

The suit accuses the PGA Tour of being involved in an: 

"Anticompetitive scheme to restrain trade though monopolization, attempted monopolization, group boycotts and other antitrust violations to destroy the new LIV Golf Tour and its players to the detriment of golf fans in Florida."

Also named in Klayman's suit are Rory McIlroy and Davis Love III as alleged "co-conspirators". 

McIlroy and Love have reportedly been served notice and are scheduled to be deposed later this month, according to a press release by Klayman's "Freedom Watch". 

In a statement, Klayman said: 

"Mr. Woods, like all parties and deponents in this case, will be treated with respect. However, as of today, it would appear that Mr. Woods has little respect for our legal right to depose him.
"Accepting service for depositions is common practice and Mr. Woods is no different than any other American and has no reason to keep denying service. Given his prior experiences with the law, this is unfortunate.
"As of today, the process server has attempted five different times and Mr. Woods has not made himself available to accept service or have someone else accept service on his behalf. Stay tuned for more updates."

The press release also attaches notes from Katelyn Miller - a civil process server - who tried to personally deliver the notice to Woods. 

Miller states that on multiple occasions she tried to deliver the legal notice to Woods' mansion in Jupiter. 

She also tried to personally serve the notice at his TGR Foundation headquarters but was told by a security guard that Woods was out of the country. 

Miller stated: 

"Based on my experience as a process server, Mr. Woods appears to be intentionally evading service."

Legal cases hang heavy over the game in 2023. 

The PGA Tour are embroiled in a separate action with LIV Golf, Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Jones and Peter Uihlein. 

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A tentative date is scheduled in for early next year

The PGA Tour have countersued, accusing the Saudi-funded circuit of interfering in player contracts. 

Things took a more sinister turn early this week when as it was revealed LIV Golf have been accused of "building intelligence" on the 9/11 families. 

Survivors and relatives of the victims of 9/11 have been protesting LIV Golf events, accusing those participating in being complicit in "sportswashing". 

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