Tip #5 - Hit up with the driver

Andy Roberts's picture
Mon, 5 Jun 2017


Hitting down on a driver will increase the backspin and in turn reduce the ball flight and the overall distance of the shot. Here's a great drill for a more purer strike. 

Set up with a long iron and hit the ball whilst leaning back. If you connect with it on the up then the ball will travel through the air at a normal trajectory, not too high and not too low. The same method then needs to be applied for when you're practising with your driver.

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Hit a few balls until you're connecting nicely and the ball is flying through the air at a higher trajectory than you were previously creating.

Then hit a drive with a normal set up. You should start to see a better ball flight and have less tendency to hit down on the ball off the tee.

If not keep drilling!