Vice Golf release their brand-new Vice Doodle collection

Vice Golf never hesitate to add a bit of colour and style to their equipment and they have done so again with their Vice Doodle collection.

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Wed, 11 May 2022
Vice Golf release their brand-new Vice Doodle collection

Vice Golf is one of the most vibrant brands in the sport and they have proven this once again with their brand-new Vice Doodle collection.

This new collection, typical of Vice Golf's colourful and outside-the-box designs, has four pieces to their new release which have already proven to be popular.

You can grab your new sleeve of Vice Pro Plus Drip golf balls in navy orange, or you could purchase a fresh Vice Shine Slit in navy orange too.

On the Vice Golf website, they have a range of impressive and sought-after golf balls such as the Vice Pro and the Vice Drive.



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The third part of the collection is the Vice Crew Cap and last but certainly not least, they have the fantastic Vice Cruiser cart bag in navy orange.

This new cap is part of their superb range of caps which you can buy in order to freshen up your appearance on the golf course this summer.

As you can see by the images of each product below, their designs stand out and Vice Golf are very passionate about pushing its patterns to new limits.

Take a look below at the complete collection and descriptions of each item in the new Vice Doodle release.




The new 4-Piece cast urethane Vice PRO PLUS is designed for advanced players with higher swing speeds. The new Vice PRO PLUS DRIP golf balls introduce a colour pattern inspired by the unique look and characteristics of spray paint. No two DRIP balls will look identical. 

Price: £39.48 per dozen


Our first extra-large towel is 20" x 40", with a slit in the middle to allow you to put the towel over a club or alignment stick in the bag or to attach it to the carabiner of the golf bag. The microfiber material is light, absorbent, and quick-drying - its structure also cleans the grooves of the golf clubs reliably.

Price: £16.99


From handpicked materials to expressive relief embroidery, a homemade Vice Golf doodle design to unique details, our special edition reflects the standards we set for all our products: Best quality paired with first-class design and functionality. Embrace this edition's colour and palm vibes and bring a summer feeling to your golf course.

Price: £17.99


An affordable cart bag can also come with visual highlights. Whether you´re out on the course using a push-pull trolley, or a casual round in the cart, this NAVY & ORANGE Vice CRUISER cart bag special edition cuts a fine figure on all wheels and brings a summer vibe to your home course. 

Price: £185.99