Vice Golf teams up with Adidas to create brand new golf shoe

The Vice golf shoe by Adidas is set to drop December 7 and it looks incredible!

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Wed, 2 Dec 2020
Vice Golf teams up with Adidas to create brand new golf shoe

Vice Golf has been producing some of the best golf balls on the market for years, as well as eye-catching accessories that stand out on the golf course. So when we heard the brand was teaming up with Adidas to drop a brand new golf shoe, we just knew it was going to look fantastic!

It was announced on Instagram that the Vice golf shoe by Adidas will be dropping December 7, but we don't know how many will be made available, so we expect to see them sell out very quickly.


"When Adidas introduced BOOST TECHNOLOGY in 2015, we immediately wanted to get that look and feel onto the golf course. As a descendant of the Ultraboost family, the Vice Golf Shoe by Adidas is a totally unique creation by our two teams that integrates the components of Ultraboost with functional updates for use on the course: reinforced heel support and side caging to provide extra stability, a film applied to the boost to repel stains and hydro-phobic primeknit for water resistance.

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"Each of these components was a result of a global collaboration that spanned from Germany to California, evolving from prints and computer animations to physical prototypes of different materials. The final product is a versatile shoe that makes a statement while providing the necessary performance for on-course play and all-day comfort."

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