WATCH: Hacker draws hysterics after failing miserably with Road Hole bank shot

This hacker tried to manufacture an escape at St. Andrews' famous par-4 Road Hole but in the end failed miserably despite a noble effort.

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Thu, 12 Jan 2023
WATCH: Hacker draws hysterics after failing miserably with Road Hole bank shot

The Road Hole at St. Andrews has played host to some remarkable Open moments over the years. 

I mean, go back to 2022 and we saw Cameron Smith navigating one of the most bonkers two-putts in recent memory as he reduced Rory McIlroy to tears. 

Recently, we saw Tommy Fleetwood do this at the Home of Golf before the Dunhill Links Championship. 

Miguel Angel Jimenez also pulled off a mind-boggling shot during the 2010 Open. 

There are just so many. 

Now we all know that landing behind the green proves particularly troublesome. Even more so for the casual golfer. 

One video doing the rounds this week is of an amateur player attempting to manufacture an escape act better than Houdini. 

Reader, he failed. Miserably. 

In the end, the player has to give in and simply pick up. But it was truly a noble effort. One worthy of sharing. 

Unfortunately for the player, this was being filmed from multiple angles. 

He takes a couple of practice swings and confidently attempts the shot, only for his golf ball to gently hit the wall and return to his feet. 

On the second try, it briefly appears that it is a much better effort.

The ball threatens to go towards the dancefloor but in the end it bounces back towards the wall into an unplayable lie. 

He then gave up. 

Well, at least it's a story for the grandchildren! 


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