WATCH: How To Fix Your Golf Swing During Lockdown | Monday Shank Ep.1

In episode 1 of Monday Shank, GolfMagic's Alex Lodge gives you an easy tip that you can do at home to help you perfect your swing plane...

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Mon, 18 Jan 2021
WATCH: How To Fix Your Golf Swing During Lockdown | Monday Shank Ep.1

Swing plane is extremely important to making sure you have an optimal impact position and whilst golf courses are shut in England, we have the perfect drill for you to work on swing plane from the comfort of your own home.

The Monday Shank is a brand new GolfMagic series where our own team, plus many golf professionals from around the country will be giving our readers top tips on how to improve.

Swing plane isn't something many golfers tend to work on too much, unless they're told to by a professional, but finding that optimal impact position will do wonders for your golf game and have you hitting more consistent shots.



"This is something that a PGA Professional had me work on years ago and it's the one drill that's really stuck in my mind as an absolute gamechanger and the best thing about it was I didn't need to be on a golf course or at the range to work on it.

"Using two alignment sticks, place the first one on the floor on the inside of a golf ball, pointing towards your target line. With the other stick, hold it against your club, starting at the bottom of the grip, so it now looks like you're holding an extra long golf club.

"At the top of your back swing, if you're too steep, the end of the alignment stick will be pointing close to your feet, inside the alignment stick that's on the floor.

"If you come too much on the inside, the alignment stick will point out, over the other side of the stick on the floor.

"The perfect plane will have the end of the alignment stick pointing down straight at the other stick that's on the floor. Once you get to a position where you feel liek the sticks are at a good meeting point, keep taking the club back to feel the repetition and to start creating muscle memory that will help you get to that position more naturally.

"Of course this is much easier to explain by showing you, so watch the video to make sure you fully understand this tip!"