Wilson Golf introduces new Dynapower golf club range

The rebirth of Wilson Golf's famous Dynapower franchise includes the first Wilson Tour spec adjustable driver, distance-inspired irons, fairway woods and hybrids.

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Tue, 17 Jan 2023
Wilson Golf introduces new Dynapower golf club range

Wilson Golf has introduced the all-new Dynapower range of woods and irons to present one of the most successful franchises in golf's history to a new generation.

Wilson wants to revitalise the Dyna-Powered legacy of game-changing weight distribution iron sets from 1956 onwards. The rebirth of the franchise includes the first Wilson Tour spec fully adjustable driver and distance-inspired irons, fairway woods and hybrids.

The new Dynapower driver is one of the most adjustable drivers created by the brand and it is available in both carbon and titanium options. It comes with a host of custom-fitting combinations that enable golfers to find the perfect club off the tee.

With advanced artificial intelligence methods, thousands of club head aesthetics were analysed using the same computer design process that produced the award-winning Wilson D9 wood range.

Wilson Golf has deployed exclusive PKR2 Technology on both the carbon and titanium heads, providing a dynamic face thickness optimised over an extended area of the club face for fast ball speed and maximum forgiveness.

A new dynamic six-way adjustable hosel enables fitters to make quick shaft changes, while golfers can benefit from easy one-click launch and spin adjustments.

The lightweight carbon composite panels on the crown and sole, plus a 12g weight moves the centre of gravity low and forward creating a low-spinning driver head with neutral-to-fade ball flight tendencies.

The titanium head incorporates a 16g rear weight that produces a high MOI driver with a deep, rear centre of gravity delivering a forgiving higher launch angle with a neutral-to-draw bias. 

Dynapower irons are engineered primarily for the aspirational 10-plus handicap golfer. They feature a distinctive Wilson red tread for men and teal for women. They feature variable thickness for each section of the face to make more of the club face hot, especially the centre-to-toe area where approximately 85% of shots are hit.

Using A.I. methods for designing irons for the first time, the resulting design incorporated the pioneering Wilson Power Hole 3.0 technology to deliver maximum ball speed across the face of each club.

The latest irons feature heel-to-toe weighting for a higher MOI and a lower centre of gravity. This delivers stability on off-centre hits that also fuel higher launch and steeper descent angles.

The new Wilson Dynapower fairway woods and hybrids feature a high MOI head design and advanced Tour-inspired shape for full confidence off the tee and deck. The woods incorporate a 12g rear weight that delivers a forgiving high launch angle and ball trajectory.

The Dynapower hybrid features variable face thickness and internal weighting to position the centre of gravity low and back to produce an easy-to-launch ball flight that is more forgiving.